Virgin Vinyl

Dear Readers,

The biggest selling point for our product over our competitors is our commitment to providing pure vinyl products. We call this 100% Virgin Vinyl, meaning there are not filler pieces from reground vinyl, giving it much more integrity in look and durability. While some companies have the inner layer of the vinyl post with recycled vinyl and some on the exterior of your fence, 100% virgin vinyl is a solid, even looking piece throughout.

Some customers will still fall back into the old habit of buying wood fencing from your local do-it-yourself mega store, but we know from experience that many will change their minds as their fence degrades, becomes unstable and unsafe. We have worked with many wood fence owners to replace what was broken and permanently fix their difficulties with maintenance and degradation by installing a vinyl fence.

Don’t make the same mistake that uninformed consumers still make today. Consider vinyl fencing since it is comparable to price in wood fencing, and save the hassle and disappointment of reinvesting in something that you intended to be a long-term investment. No one likes surprise bills that put other projects on the back-burner. Make the right choice upfront, and I guarantee you will get your money’s worth in our 100% virgin vinyl fences.

From Your Guru, Hutch

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