Dear Hutch, Can You Install Vinyl In The Winter?

Just had to drop a note to all you DIYs out there. Ever thought installing a fence in winter was not only impossible, but unwise? I’ve heard this question many times, and the answers are not always readily given. Well, give me a chance to advise you on winter installation. With years of experience servicing homeowners such as yourself, I can guarantee your success with a single quick tip.

First, let’s talk about the optimal time in winter to start digging those holes. While it may seem like an oxymoron, installing a fence shortly after a snowfall will produce a much softer ground than icy or windy weather. The reason why is really basic – think of the snow as a blanket and you’ll understand its warming effect on the ground below.

Next, allow me to suggest the right tool for the job. After finding the optimal weather (for you and the ground!), get a hold of an auger (also called a digger). Use the auger to dig the hole in a bell shape form before proceeding to fill it with concrete. Once the post is straight and at proper depth, fill the bell-shaped hole with concrete and allow it to dry. Then, put a little trust in your Vinyl Guru, and let the results speak for themselves.

You may ask how this makes a difference. The explanation is simple – by creating a bell shaped hole the concrete, within frozen ground, will push down rather than up, making it even more solid than standard installation. Clearly, using this trade secret could make you the next neighborhood guru! And, this tip can be used during and after winter, for great results anytime.

Have more questions? Drop me a line here at, and keep watching out for our next blog post. In particular, you may want to drop by our FAQs section for more expert answers to common vinyl fencing questions. Just remember, All Seasons Vinyl is good for All Circumstances.

Your Guru, Hutch

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